Accessible anytime and from anywhere, IMPAXIS provides exceptional support to remote candidates.
In today's high-tech, high-speed job market, job seekers need a competitive edge. IMPAXIS is a breakthrough online community and career transition resource that provides vital tools and information for conducting successful twenty-first century job search campaigns.
Accessible 24/7, IMPAXIS enriches the career transition process by suppliementing one-on-one consulting with innovative technology-based resources.
Benefits to Candidates:
  • Assessments
    Web-based skill evaluations and inventories
  • Resume Builder
    Tools for building, editing, storing and distributing winning resumes-for use offline and online
  • Networking Tools
    Discussion groups and a member network that facilitate communication and collaboration among candidates nationwide
  • Job Board
    An up-to-the-minute database of jobs opportunities and job leads
  • Resume Bank
    An innovative system for marketing candidate resumes to recruiters nationwide
  • Tutorial Content
    200+ pages of information, advice and frequently asked questions on all aspects of career transition
  • Research Tools
    Industry leading databases and our highly acclaimed, comprehensive library of Web sites for researching employers, networking organizations, search firms and more.
Benefits to Clients:
  • Candidate Records & Reporting
    IMPAXIS offers clients an advanced, Web-based solution for monitoring each candidate's progress as well as the overall career transition program. Maintaining detailed, up-to-the-minute records on candidate activity, this unique system gives clients 24/7 access to reports on candidate demographics, date of program steps completed, job search outcomes, progress reports, candidate program evaluations and professional fees.
  • Remote Support
    Accessible anytime and from anywhere, IMPAXIS provides exceptional support to remote candidates.
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